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We arrive at 5!

Today is my 5 month ampuversary!!!

Nothing new and exciting has been going on in my life and around here that is good news! The past month was pretty challenging for me. Since I had a MCT reappear on my amp site the docs decided my chemo regimen needed to change to I started with 4 lomustine pills plus a daily regiment of prednisone. My Mom has also added SAM-e (for liver function), Pepcid (for stomach) and Cosequin. All seemed to be going well when one week out from my first dose I kind of crashed. Turns out I had a bad infection and was severely anemic all at the same time. Sometimes a guy just can’t get a break! My Mom and Dad were crying and wondering if the journey was over, but Dr. White stepped in and gave me a penicillin shot and a B12 shot and after a day of sleeping I was on my way to recovery. She also put me on Cephalexon (sp?) twice a day.

Because my counts were so low, they decided to wait 4 weeks between doses instead of 3 so my 2nd dose was completed this Wednesday. Mom says she feels guilty feeding me cheese with poison in it :-(. I say, “It’s cheese – who cares!!!”. They are keeping me on the antibiotics to try and avert another crisis and also recommended an iron or B complex supplement to help with the rebuild of the red blood cells when it is needed.

Hope everyone has a great 4th of July!! I’ll be the dog hiding in the bathroom until this firework season is over!

Mom took a picture of me tonight, but we keep getting errors when we try to load it so you’ll just have to look at the old ones! Love ya all!!


7 Responses to “We arrive at 5!”

  1. benny55 says:

    Now’ let’s try again! Stupid reply button wouldn’t trplh last night!

    Yeah, it’s CHEESE–who cares about anything eles—–it’s CHEESE!!

    Your Dr. White sounds very competent and kowlegeable—a–and that’s a good think!

    Yeah’ some of my dogs react the same way to thunder and fireworks…..and some don’t even flinch. It’s funny—–sforms don’t bother me at all—-and some shutter, shiver, quiver and the others will sit out on the porch with me a watch.

    Really, really glad Shooter is doing g so we’ll. AND is happy! to be happy and getting spoiled and getting more loving that most dogs ever get to feel in a lifetime—and cheese everyday—-that’s one happy dog!!

    Hopefully there won’t be anymore side effects now….or infections….or anything but smooth sailing out here I. Shooter Land!!

    Hope you will still try to get pictures up. Have to have pictures of that cutie pie……HAVE TO!

    CONGRATULATIONS SHOOTER! Keep on shoot in’ through life with all the gusto and bliss you can muster up!

    Happy Hannah and I are celebrating with CHEESE CAKE over here!!

    Much love to all! Lots of MUCH LOVE!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

  2. atlasmom says:

    Yay Shooter! So happy to read this. I’m with Sally, if cheese is involved there is no bad to it! LOL! Here’s to no more infections or yucky side effects and smooth sailing from here on.
    Atlas sends big WOOFS for Shooter – keep kicking butt you awesome tripawd warrior!

    Patricia & Mighty Atlas

  3. cldavis says:

    Congratulations on five months! Happy ampuversary!!!!!

    *psst* I play like the big kitty in town, but I’m a little freaked out of fireworks too. 😡

    – Fang, and Fang’s momma

  4. Michelle says:

    Yay Shooter. I am glad you are back on the right track. Keep on kicking butt. Bosch & Sassy like to bark at that fireworks but don’t hide. So we try to keep noise going until they are kind of over

    Michelle & Sassy

  5. Christine says:

    yeaaaaaaah!! glad things got better… and 5 months.. that is great news!!!!!
    My Franklin hated Fireworks.. when we first got him, I didn’t know and took him down to the river to see them.. he bolted out of his collar and ran down the hill. Maggie went down after him and sat with him.
    but don’t worry.. it gets better.. after a few years… he didn’t even bat an eye!!

  6. fetchon3 says:

    Hoppy 5 months, Shooter! You had quite a bumpy ride back there and I hope you’re feeling much better and on the mend these days! Rest up, buddy, you’ve got quite a war to fight. But in between naps, relish in your mom and dad’s love.
    ~ Katy

  7. Congrats on 5 months 🙂 Sounds like a bumpy ride, hopefully it is smooth sailing from now on! Looking forward to a picture!

    I hear ya on the fireworks, our girl Sara is terrified of thunderstorms, usually ending up sitting or sleeping on our heads, lol. Rescue Remedy works to take some of the edge off though.

    Heather & Barret

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