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Shooter's Scrapbook Page

Shooter’s Scrapbook Page

Who knew the journey we would go on starting just one year ago today. Our Shooter-Bug would have celebrated his one year ampuversary today, but fate had other ideas and instead it is his 5 month angelversary. It doesn’t seem possible, yet our lives have changed so much in those five months. Of course he is missed everyday and one of the other dogs get called Shooter at least once a week and even the horses on occasion. It is quieter as he was quite the chatter box and never learned what an inside voice was, but that was fine with us. Gone are the area rugs and the multitude of drugs on the kitchen counter. The elevated dish has been put aside (but kept in case it is needed again). We haven’t been to the Vet’s office since just after he died and I am dreading that first visit in February for annual check-ups – I can barely look at the clinic when we drive by. I sometimes feel guilty for being glad I no longer see my vet twice a week as I would do it again if I had to, but it is good to have a normal life back and less bills. I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person and I’d like to think Shooter would understand. I’m pretty sure he didn’t like going either! It wasn’t the life of a Tripawd that was hard – that was the easy part after the first few days as Shooter became a champion Tripawd immediately, but the cancer sucked! We think of him in happier terms now. The stairs to the bed have been officially named “Shooter’s Stairs” and all the dogs now use them so they have become a permanent fixture. I pulled out one of his favorite food toys the other day (stick the kibbles in the ball and roll it around so the kibble falls out). He was a pro at that and would go so fast the other dogs would just follow along and pick up the pieces he missed and he picked up the knack of it in about 10 seconds. Not so much for everyone else – we had to keep rolling it for them! It really made me realize what a smart boy he was and how much the others relied on him.  We currently have no plans on bringing another dog into the mix unless our old friend “fate” intervenes. This is actually unusual for me as puppies always seem to help ease the pain of transition. I guess, in way too many words, I am saying that life has kept moving on and that warm spot in my heart that is “Shooter” is tucked away in a less painful place with more smiles than tears.

On his birthday I promised to share a poem I found and have included a scrap book page I did of Shooter about 10 years ago. The poem is for everyone, but especially for those of us that survived July, August and September together as way too many of our furry kids crossed over those three months. Thanks again, for the millionth time, for everyone at You are all angels. And, yes, you will need Kleenex.


I was standing on a hillside

In a field of blowing wheat,

And the spirit of a dog

Was lying at my feet.


He looked at me with kind dark eyes,

Ancient wisdom shining through.

In the essence of his being,

I saw the love there too.


His mind did lock upon my heart

As I stood there on that day,

And he told me of this story

About a place so far away.


As I stood upon that hillside

In a field of blowing wheat,

Ina twinkling of a second

His spirit left my feet.


His tale did put my heart at east,

All my fears did fade away

About what lay ahead of me

On another distant day.


“I live among God’s creatures now

In the heavens of your mind

So do not grieve for me, my friend

As I am with my kind.


My collar is a rainbow’s hue,

My leash is a shooting star.

My boundaries are the Milky Way

Where I sparkle from afar.


There are no pens or kennels here

For I am not confined,

But I’m free to roam God’s heavens

Among the Doggie kind.


I nap the day on a snowy cloud

Gentle breezes rocking me,

And dream the dreams of earthlings,

And how it used to be.


The trees are full of liver treats,

And tennis balls abound,

And milkbones line the walkways

Just waiting to be found.


There even is a ring set up,

The grass all lush and green;

And everyone who gaits around

Becomes the Best of Breed.


For we’re all winners in this place;

We have no faults, you see.

And God passes out those ribbons

To each one, even me.


I drink from waters laced with gold,

My world a beauty to behold;

And wise old dogs do form my pride

To amble at my very side.


At night I sleep in angel’s arms,

Her wings protecting me,

And moonbeams dance about us

As stardust falls on thee.


So when your life on earth is spent

And you stand at Heaven’s gate,

Have no fear of loneliness –

For here, you know. I wait.”


8 Responses to “Remembrance”

  1. Michelle says:

    I know that Shooter is with all our other babies that crossed during that awful august month (as we call it now) & the others before & after. I have read that poem before of course you are right the tears are flowing. We all know how smart your Shooter was and a champion Tripawd is right. Every time I see his Banner up above when I come here I smile. He was a true inspiration to many. I love the scrap book page it captures his heart.

    I am sure he is looking down now and laughing as you roll that treat ball for the others saying see they have you whipped 🙂

    My thoughts are with you on this Angelversary & all others

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

    • fourminipups says:

      Thanks Michelle. I’m sure he’s rolling his eyes at his siblings lack of brains!

      So many to remeber during this short period of time.

      Hugs to the pups and Bosch!

  2. benny55 says:

    I had the kleenex out assoon asI saw your title…..I was on the second box by the end!

    Luanne, you articulate words from the heart so beautifully. You painted a picture of the day to day pain of transferring from the “new normal” back to the renewal of the “old normal”. Getting rid of the scatter rugs, putting the raised bowl away…all these “moments that one must eventually go through on this journey…things that keep the pain of loss raw and revisited over and over again.

    And yet you are able to balance that with the wonderful memories Shooter left for you to revisit also! I LOVE the Kong story! Shooter really is a BRIGHT boy in so many ways!! I wish I had that little “way cool” emotican to click on right now…because Shooter is a “way cool” dude!:-) 🙂

    Poor Happy Hannah just holds the Kong with her paws and tries and stick her big ole tongue in there but to no avail. I eventualy go over and turn the thing upside down so she can have her treat! And here’s Shooter rolling the thing so the treats will fall out!! LOVE THAT!

    Yeah, it’s perfectly normal to feel “relief” that you don’t have to do vet visits, etc. It’s simply relief about a “task”…nothing to do with Shooter. It’s just a ..”Oh yeah, don’t have to get ready to go to vet today”…or whatever. Shooter’s relieved too!

    Those stairs to the bed…”Shooter’s Stairs”……I like to think that Caddie and his other dog soul mates had a set of stairs lined in diamonds and gold for him to climb up to heaven. They were all at the top waiting to greet him with all the love from you that theh took with them. Of course, he already had his suitcase stuffed with your love because he couldn’t hold all of it in his heart!

    The poem Luanne…OMD” That is just lovely! Peace and calm wraps you up like a warm blanket as you read that. Shooter’s leash is a shooting star…what a lovely visual. The poem didn’t mentin it, but I’m pretty sure there were a whole lot of flip flops there for him too…..just in case he didn’t pack enough in hise suitcase!

    I went back and looked at the pictures again from your previous blogs (can NEVER get enoughShooter). Of course, his pupypictures…the Three Muskateers pictures…all delightful! But the ones where he’s wallowing all over your husband while he’s sitting in the chair…and sitting high up on your shoulders while your at the table/desk…yep…he’s one special, special soul!

    Luanne, I’m soooooo grateful that you’ve been able to stay here with your family and continue Shooter’s legacy of touching lives. Whenever someone posts about doing an amputation on a “senior” …..I’m always hoping you’ll see the post so you can shine Shooter’s bright light of hope on them. You are sooooo important to the “well being” of this community. You help make it solid and strong…always saying the right thing.

    Thank you for allowing us to continue to get to know Shooter and to celebrate his life! And……Happy Ampuversary Shooter!! You still get to party in heaven but without a curfew, right?

    GOOD JOB TEAM SHOOTER!! And you’re still making a positive differemce flr us all! Thank you Sir.

    Love and light to you Luanne. Know this to be true…Shooter will NEVER, EVER be forgotten here!

    Sally ad Happy Hannah

    • fourminipups says:

      Oh Sally, you always make my day. We are all lucky to have you here (although I wish it wasn’t because Hannah became a tripawd). Keep those videos and pictures coming!!


  3. benny55 says:

    And the scrapbook photos are so sweet… alert…so “living in the moment”!

  4. jerry says:

    Luanne, all our love and heartfelt hugs are reaching out to you today on this one year ampuversary. It’s hard to believe how much has happened since then, and how quickly Shooter left us (way, way too soon). We are honored that you are still here with us, sharing so many difficult, beautiful and unforgettable moments of your life after Shooter earned his wings. Thank you so, so much, for in taking the time to write about this you are giving hope to others that overcoming such profound loss happens eventually, as love conquers all.

    Shooter’s blazing spirit will always be a part of the Tripawds universe. He will never be forgotten. What a beautiful thought to imagine him and all of our Tripawd heroes in that heavenly place described in the poem. Thank you for sharing.

    • fourminipups says:

      Thanks Rene for the kind words. This place has become so special to me and I want to always be able to help where I can. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. benny55 says:

    can you re-do the

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