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The Rest Stop

My Mom posted the original blog, but I felt I should get some say in the matter. Hi! I’m Shooter and just wanted to make some comments about my first week and a half of being a tripawd. I really want to thank my Dad for making me stairs to get out our doggy door and for getting up and down on the bed. I didn’t want to admit that I had to use them at first, but now I think they are the best invention ever. I also questioned that elevated dish, but once I figured out the food tastes the same I really like it because my littlest brother can’t get into it while I’m eating!

Had to make a run to the vet last night when my Mom found a small lump forming underneath my incision. The vet said it is just a seroma (sp?) and I now get dry heat twice a day for five minutes and it seems to be going away. The rest of my incision looks great and I’m looking forward to Monday when most of the staples will be removed. Being of the cow dog sort I just have to say YEE-HAW!

A quick reminder to my humans…I really appreciate all the great attention I’m getting, but please don’t forget that my brothers and sisters are feeling a little left out and they don’t really mean anything bad when they run into me and I cry. Just make sure to remind the rest of them that you love them too!!

We are still waiting to hear on the pathology, but are going to remain optimistic that all will be well. Waiting is the hardest part.

I am looking forward to getting on with things and have even requested they add a special category for the dog races at our horse events just for tripawds!! It’s worth a try anyway :-).

I wish everyone here a great week and thanks for all your support!


2 Responses to “The Rest Stop”

  1. admin says:

    All will be well indeed, no matter what. Thanks for the great update!

  2. jerry says:

    Hey Shooter, you’ve sure got some spunk. There will come a time when your pawrents won’t be so worried, I promise. Keep reminding them about how good you feel, and they’ll understand soon enough.

    Paws are crossed for a good lab report!

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